Benefits of Membership

Each level of the membership includes:

Travel Perks: Get up to 30 miles of travel included per appointment—15 more than non-members!

Discounted Extra Sessions: Add more support with extra sessions at $10 off the full price.

Priority Scheduling: As a member, you'll receive priority scheduling, ensuring you get the support you need exactly when you need it.

Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy up to 2 free cancellations and reschedules a month with 24 hours' notice (1 for Maintenance Mode).

Appointment Rollovers: Carry over up to 2 unused appointment hours to the next month for added flexibility when life happens (1 for Maintenance Mode).

Video Reviews: Receive video reviews of practice sessions or general behavior for more hands-on support and progress between appointments.

Course Access: Get access to all Wise Whiskers courses for your ongoing learning journey.

Email Support: Reach out for advice, guidance, and feedback anytime. Get quick answers to your questions and additional resources straight to your inbox.

Text Support: Enjoy fast and convenient communication for on-the-go support. Receive timely tips, updates, and reminders directly on your phone.


Benefits for each month


Price: $250/month

Working Whiskers

Price: $850/month 

Working Plus 

Price: $1650/month 

Wisest Whiskers

Price: $2500/month 

Day Training Add-on (At any level!)

Price: $1300/month 

Process to Join:

To join any of our membership levels, we first complete an initial consultation. 

Once you're a member, you'll enjoy numerous benefits and the flexibility to pause your membership for up to 2 months in a calendar year. 

If you take more than 2 months off, you'll need to book one full-price consultation to rejoin, after which you can sign up at any level again.