For Professionals

Upcoming Opportunities: 

I am available for lunch and learns or private education sessions for professionals. Topics can include a deeper dive into gender and sex, inclusive language, cooperative care basics, low-stress handling, and behaviorally-minded history taking.  If you would like me to speak to your clinic or staff, or have a one on one education opportunity- email me

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Ongoing Opportunities: 

Removing Gender Stories: Happier Clients, Happier Pets 

Broaden your audience and focus your training plans with LGBTQ inclusive language. 

This webinar is for behavior professionals who want to grow your client base to include LGBTQ clients, increase your confidence and make your queer clients feel comfortable, and make more effective training plans.

The live webinar has passed, but you can still access the recording and get all the resource sheets! The payment of $19 includes the link to the live Webinar, access to the recording of the webinar, and multiple resource sheets.   Pay via venmo @wisewhiskers or I can email an invoice to you. 

If you would like to view the recording but are unable to due to finances. Please send me an email. I am offering a sliding scale for trainers who are early in their career, BIPOC and/or LGBTQ. 

Testimonials from the webinar:

"I know some stuff about this stuff and I still had some perspective shifts and learned lots. And so many good reminders. The parallels between gendered language / labels with non-human animals and human animals was spectacular 🌟” Cheryl Warner, KPA-CTP 

"It was awesome and super helpful! One thing I realized is that, even though our pronouns are listed in our email signatures, on our Zoom accounts, and in the podcast, we don't have them listed on our Meet the Team page. I also believe that some of our handouts may still have gendered language that can be spruced up a bit. So thank you for helping Pet Harmony to improve!" - Emily Strong 


Wise Whiskers Training LLC offers mentorships to help those interested in animal behavior, training, and behavior consulting. These mentorships are focused on the individual and their learning goals.

The Wise Whiskers Training LLC mentorship is primarily focused on understanding animal behavior, how animals learn, animal welfare and behavior modification. To reach mentee’s specific goals, curriculum and the amount of time spent together is flexible. 

Experiences may include:

The amount of time and length of mentorship is flexible to be accessible.  We will discuss your goals and what we can accomplish together. In an effort to provide increased opportunities for marginalized communities, especially BIPOC peoples, Wise Whiskers Training LLC provides mentorship opportunities on a sliding scale. 

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