Wise Whiskers Training, LLC always utilizes the most ethical and humane methods. I use force-free and positive reinforcement training. I follow the LIMA humane hierarchy and the newer LIFE framework. This involves addressing the whole animal and their needs, setting them up for success and utilizing positive reinforcement. Not only are these methods the most ethical, the most effective and the most humane, but also they help improve animal's wellbeing and joy.

My goal is always to provide humans with relief from living with animals who have challenging behaviors while addressing the animal's needs. My methods work to have long-lasting effects so you and your animals can live together happily. 

It is unethical and impossible to guarantee results because every animal is different and behavior modification takes time and patience. However, I have years of success helping animals and their humans live together with increased happiness and safety.

What does it look like in practice?

What this looks like in practice for my clients is playing games and learning how to “speak” another species' language.  By learning the subtle body language of your animal, the lines of communication open up and there can be more clarity in their behavior. And we will help teach your animals clear ways to communicate with you to help give them more control in their day to day life. By playing specific, targeted games with your animal, we can see improved confidence and joy while working to address challenging behaviors in ways that don’t feel too overwhelming.

It can take time to see your initial or ultimate goal realized as behavior change is a journey. We will work together to establish goals along the way and celebrate all your successes. The first time your dog ate a treat with a new person nearby - that is a WIN! When your dog ate a treat with a dog barking 20 feet away - success. Did they not eat, but they looked up at you- still a victory!  We will especially celebrate your successes as it is because of all your hard work that your animal’s life is improving.   We will adjust the plan together as needed to ensure we are keeping everyone safe and happy and meeting everyone's needs.

Does this all work for behaviors like biting, growling, lunging, escaping, trembling, escaping, etc? 

Yes! Most of my experience is working with undesirable behaviors, aggressive behaviors and fear. 

With what animals does this work? 

All! I have experience working with dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, hand-raised wolves, grey and red foxes, bison, and humans! 

Sam in a rain jacket and mask sitting next to a relax wolf.
Sam wearing a hat working with a grey fox in the snow

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